Year End Close

We are coming close to the end of another year.  It would be nice to hear from you here.There are several places to either send  information or make  comments here, directly. As far to what I have been doing, you can see I have been busy making this website for the class mates to share there experiences.

I  mailed to all of you that I have an email for, and hope that you will update me. If you don’t want  your email  to show here, but would like to keep in  contact, then send your email to: and your information will be private and I can edit the information that you want to apply.

My personal year was sort of like all of us that are getting older. I had an abdominal aorta repaired, but seem to sail through that so for. My wife Nancy found out that she had cancer and had several weeks of treatment, however she is on the mend and doing as good as can be expected.  Seem’ the cancer  is in remission at the present time.

After we both healed some, we took a trip to my oldest daughters. She and her husband  live at Hermosa Beach on the Strand. very nice place to go and heal up. Lots of sites to see. They play volley beach ball in front of the house. Lot of fun to watch.

Thanks in advance for when you get a hold of me.

You can also try to contact me on Skype. If you look to the right side of the screen you will see a ” Call Us”, click on it and you have three ways to call me.

Lowell Radder

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  1. Dot Stanton says:

    I have gone to several of the class get meetings this year and enjoyed them very much. It is fun to catch up with those who do attend. I have lived in Marysville since our junior year of high school. We have a wonderful life here at the beach. We plan to spend a few weeks in Hawaii after Christmas just to get away from the rain for awhile. We are fortunate to have good health (for our age), at least nothing serious as far as we know. We enjoy our chilldren, grandchildren and hobbies. I am a watercolor artist and spend a lot of time in my studio. My husband hunts, fishes and works in his woodshop.
    I hope to see more comments from our classmates on here soon. Thank you Lowell for doing this website.

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