First Post of The Class of 1955 Lynden High School

TO:                   CLASS OF 1955, Lynden High School

FROM:            Classmates

DATE:             October 5, 2009

We had a great breakfast on September 22 at the Fairway Cafe. Mostly we just
enjoyed the chance to visit and catch up. Here are the ones who came to
breakfast, left to right [just in case you don’t recognize us] Betty, Arlene, Phil,
Marilyn, Richard, Gloria, Ken, and Gerald. A couple of others who said they
were coming didn’t make it, so missed a great photoopt Enclosed with this is a
current list of classmate addresses, etc. Please let us know if there should be

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We enjoyed it so much we  are doing it again:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 9:30 a.m., Fairway Cafe, Lynden

Come join us if you are around and able. We would like to have a 55-year
reunion on LHS date (July 10th) of next year. Anyone have  ideas to l throw in the mix?

Call Gloria or Phil with news, information to share. Better yet, WRITE.
Previous letter had no returns, so if we don’t hear from you, we assume the
information we have is good. LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!

Gloria McDonald.                  Phil De Koster

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3 Responses to “First Post of The Class of 1955 Lynden High School”

  1. Ledenne (Beyer) Endersby says:

    Hello to all,

    I am soooo happy that 2010 is over and looking forward to a good year ahead. We spent way too many hours in the hospital this past year with our granddaughter. She has had a really good outcome from her head injuries and is planning to attend WWU next fall, only a year late. Gods blessings and miracles were with her !!

    Hope spring is early this year as I am way to cold. In the evening I am sitting with a throw around my cold legs or is that just old age? Dear oh dear.

    Let me know when your next breakfast or lunch will take place. Would love to see you all and maybe this time it will work out.

    I think some of you have my old email- the new is .

    See you all soon I hope.


    • classof55 says:


      Thanks for the update and also hope and pray that the new year will bring you more joy and less heart ache. Glad that your granddaughter is doing much better and able to go on with her life.

      I am with you on the early spring and maybe you need a heated throw. It certainly is not old age!

      We will be posting here if there are any upcoming meetings.

      keep the comments coming.

      By now everyone that checks this site, will have figured out that you can post here and other can reply and that can make for a fun place to visit.

      Thank you all


  2. Lois Goff says:

    Hi—-I’m so very impressed! We’re not old, we’re very high-tech! What a great idea to keep up with our classmates of so long ago. I wish I weren’t so far away, making the breakfast thing a bit unlikely for me–but you never know, maybe some time I’ll surprise you all. I really enjoyed the picture from your breakfast meeting and so glad you identified each one!!
    We just moved from our house on the golf course to a high-rise condo less than a mile away. I’m loving it. Great view of the coast range toward the coast and the night lights of Portland to the east from our 4th floor unit.
    Last month Rod and I spent 2 weeks in Ecuador with GHO (Global Health Outreach), he as the pharmacist and I as an assistant in triage (I weighed and measured almost 2000 Ecuadorians high in the Andes). It was beautiful. My only problem was getting a deep enough breath at about 8000ft altitude. Rod has gone to China and Nepal in the past year. The trip to Ecuador was my first. I’ve always said this is “his thing”—–but I must admit I really enjoyed helping out and found the people so very needy and grateful for the help we brought. The group was about 30 total with 6 doctors, 2 dentists, 1 surgeon, 2 pharmacists—and a bunch of “green” helpers of which I was one.
    So nice to have a way to communicate with you all! Keep it up. Wishing everyone good health—–Loie

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