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The Lynden High School Class of 1955 Picnic

The Lynden High School Class of 1955 will have  a PICNIC   Saturday, July 14, 2012 At  the Richard and Caroline Posthumus home 1313 Birch Bay-Lynden Road 1-4 p.m.   You will note this is the same day as the LYNDEN HIGH SCHOOL reunion . . .   Provided will be hot dogs and trimmings, eating utensils, […]

What Some Of Our Classmates are Doing

This is a picture  of Gerry standing in front of the two tractors he completely restored!! The little Alas Chalmers had been discarded and left to die for 50 years or more. Gerry got it and brought it home and completely restored it. Motor and all. The little ground hog he was given where it […]

First Post of The Class of 1955 Lynden High School

TO:                   CLASS OF 1955, Lynden High School FROM:            Classmates DATE:             October 5, 2009 We had a great breakfast on September 22 at the Fairway Cafe. Mostly we just enjoyed the chance to visit and catch up. Here are the ones who came to breakfast, left to right [just in case you don’t […]